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We use the power of visual story telling to help people live a better life.
How we do this? Pretty simple – we make short social films out of real, inspiring stories.


We use the power of visual story telling
to help people live a better life.


We make short social films out of real, inspiring stories.
By doing so, we create a positive ripple in your mind when you watch it in turn travels in all directions and creates more ripples. Empowering change through storytelling, one film at a time – that’s what BIG SHORT FILMS is all about


We shoot stories of unsung heroes, inspiring initiatives, change makers, innovations, social development, culture, children, education, women empowerment and more that impact the society with positivity.


Because we believe in the power of story telling and we are happy victims of it. When we shot our first social short film – Birdman, never did we know we’d be shooting another film ever. In the process, not only did we win the hearts of many (and an award too) but we also experienced a massive change internally. We strongly sensed a positive vibe in our team after shooting the inspiring story. The need to share the same to the world grew bigger by time. We wanted to create something that will promote positivity in this world that is otherwise filled with negativity all over the communication media. And one fine morning (11 AM to be exact), hence born was the BIGshortFILMS – a visual story telling platform to share positive stories that make the world a better place to live in.

the crew

We are a lean and a mean team when it comes to
bringing out impactful stories to the fore.

BSF_team_5 (1)
founder / photographer

The wanderer who has an eye for innovation and believes in the power of positivity than anything else.

writer / director

The scribbler whose favorite quote is “Write something that is worth reading or do something that is worth writing”

cinematographer / magician

The one with the love for lens and motion pictures, guarantees a magical experience visually when he takes his camera for a ride.

israel davidson
designer / rapper

The man behind the striking posters we come up with, has a strong love for music that runs through his thought process on and off the screen.



BIRDMAN not only won the hearts of many but a national level award too at the
YES I AM THE CHANGE social film contest.